We manufacture mouldings, closed-corner frames and ready-made frames with mirrors

Our expertise derives from our family’s time-honoured experience in the framing industry.
With a view to making the most of that experience, in 2002 we set up Vivama, a company that produces frames entirely by hand using the techniques of the oldest schools of Italian craftsmanship.

We manufacture mouldings, closed-corner frames and ready-made frames with mirrors of any size. We can produce our frames in any dimensions. Our craftsmanship is such that we can successfully customise the product to meet the client’s specific requests.

Over recent years, we have made our mark thanks to our unique style and our creativity, which have enabled us to carve out an ever-increasing niche in foreign markets, thanks also to our partnerships with highly efficient international couriers.

We have also applied our expertise to the furniture sector, using our very specific finishes.


Our services

Closed-corner frames

Weekly production of closed-corner frames to the client’s specifications, shipment within 10 days of receipt of the order, with the option for specific finishes at the client’s request.

With a minimal investment, we offer you the opportunity to feature in your shop a display of sample frame corners that are sure to impress your clientele. To all intents and purposes, it will look like there is – on your premises – an artisan making these frames, which are true one-offs, manufactured entirely by hand, with perfect, wax-finished corners.

The advantages of our closed-corner service are:

  • Offer your clients bona fide custom craftsmanship
  • No costly storage space needed for mouldings
  • You order only the frames that you have already sold
  • No requirement to use fixed dimensions, since we can make frames to any size, even more than 3 metres
  • Option for frames with customised finishes and colours
All of our profiles can be supplied as “closed-corner” frames and also as mouldings, with the option to customise the finish of the mouldings, with a minimum quantity of just 12 linear metres. Thanks to our well-stocked warehouse of raw profiles, we are in a position to make and send your order with short turnaround times.
Mirrors complete with frames
We can also supply frames complete with mirrors (covered in safety film) of any size.
Third-party processing
All of our finishes can be reproduced on cupboard doors, furniture, decorative panels and complementary furnishings.